Obtaining A Medical Marijuana Card In Lehigh

As therapies go, marijuana has long been recognized for its medicinal properties, and it can support a whole range of health conditions, from chronic pain issues such as MS, to mental health problems like anxiety. If you are curious about the beneficial effects of this treatment, and you’re looking to apply for a medical marijuana card in Lehigh, we can help to support you. In order to access marijuana treatment products in the state of Florida, you must be in possession of a valid medical marijuana card. This natural, plant-based remedy can completely do away with the need for certain prescription drugs where you may have experienced negative side effects.


What Makes Medical Marijuana So Effective?


The marijuana plant has long received an unfairly negative reputation from some quarters. There is so much this plant can do to support people living with certain health conditions. The two natural chemical compounds found in the plant are THC and CBD. These have the potential to soothe ongoing pain and support with mental health as well. Many patients with a long term health condition find marijuana to be an amazing compliment to their existing regimen or even something that can help them phase out other drugs such as painkillers that may bring their own problems. Acquiring a medical marijuana card in Lehigh is quite straightforward. It just requires identifying a relevant health condition and filling in some forms online. We can guide you through this process and help you to access the relief you’ve been seeking.


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  • Visit includes personal consultation
  • Detailed education on safety, products, and medical dosages
  • Assistance with State of Florida online license registration (A separate $75 annual registration fee paid to the State of Florida)
  • $149 fee fulfills the state required doctor’s visit every 210 days (7 months)
  • Veterans and first responders: recertification is $124 ($25 discount)
  • Visit includes a review of your products, dosages, and advice on how to optimize your results
  • Telehealth appointments are for Recertifications only and are also $149.
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