Getting A Medical Marijuana Card In Estero, FL

June 15, 2017, was a monumental day in the state of Florida. Governor Rick Scott signed a bill that officially legalized cannabis, making it easier for people to purchase products containing THC. Medical marijuana has many different uses and can improve many people’s quality of life. However, to legally obtain it, you require a Medical Marijuana Card. Thankfully, getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Estero is much simpler than it sounds.


How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in Estero, FL

To begin, you need to be a legal Florida resident over the age of 18. If you are younger, you will need parental consent to obtain your card. 

From here, you will book an appointment with a physician at Emerald Medical Center, ensuring you can provide proof of address. A medical exam will take place, assessing whether or not you are suitable for medical marijuana. If they deem you a good fit, you will be added to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry.

IMPORTANT: You can’t apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Estero without being in this registry. 


Next, you can follow these steps:


  • Submit your application online via the registry (There’s a $75 fee for this)
  • Wait for your results to come back
  • If you receive an email confirmation, you can use this to obtain medical marijuana until your official card arrives in the post


Once you have your card, it will need to be renewed every 7 months. Contact Emerald Medical Center for help with this!

Obtaining a medical marijuana card in Fort Myers does not mean you can grow your own marijuana. In Fort Myers and the entire state of Florida, only dispensaries are allowed to grow, process, and distribute it.

Also, your medical marijuana card is not valid across state lines, even if the state in which you are traveling has legalized cannabis.

Contact Our Estero Medical Marijuana Clinic 

Schedule an appointment at our Estero Clinic or one of our other convenient locations in Southwest Florida.

Give us a call at (239) 307-0841 to find out if medical marijuana is the answer you’ve been looking for. At the very least, consider coming in for a consultation with our trusted medical cannabis doctors. 

8646 Gladiolus Dr #404
Fort Myers, FL 33908
Phone: 239-307-0

  • Visit includes personal consultation
  • Detailed education on safety, products, and medical dosages
  • Assistance with State of Florida online license registration (A separate $75 annual registration fee paid to the State of Florida)
  • $149 fee fulfills the state required doctor’s visit every 210 days (7 months)
  • Veterans and first responders: recertification is $124 ($25 discount)
  • Visit includes a review of your products, dosages, and advice on how to optimize your results
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