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How To Get a Medical Card in Florida

As of October, 2019, over 300,000 people in Florida have a Florida medical marijuana card. But many don’t know how to obtain one. This article …

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Pain Relief with Medical Marijuana

After decades in practice, I know the sufferings of the human condition well. I’ve seen the pain in my patient’s eyes, and I’ve seen you …

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Is Medical Marijuana Safe?

If you’re asking yourself, “Is medical marijuana safe?” the following article will be helpful. Decisions, decisions…we’re always making decisions. Do we turn left or right? …

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Responding to Stress with “The Emerald Difference”

The emotional stability, safety, and security we seek begins within. Unfortunately, the world has a way of getting through and knocking us out of balance. …

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Why Cannabis?

Why Cannabis? Imagine a world without the tragic overdoses, addiction, and side effects of synthetic drugs. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of families who would …

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