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Cannabis Infused Tea

The calm, soothing effect of cannabis and tea is quite unmatched. So, you can imagine the pleasure a cup of cannabis infused tea could bring. Here’s good news because you can get your hands on this wonderful product.  There are several ways to enjoy cannabis, including using it in the form of edibles, oils, pre-rolls, …

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Medical Marijuana For Stomach Ulcers

Previously, stomach ulcer treatment involved antibiotics and other medication that targeted and reduced acid production. However, with law changes, Medical Marijuana For Stomach Ulcers has proven an effective way to overcome the discomfort people experience.  The Benefits of Medical Marijuana For Stomach Ulcers Pain Relief Pain relief is one of the most significant benefits of …

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Medical Marijuana & Parkinson’s Disease

A recent Parkinson’s Disease & Marijuana Study revealed that over 1000 patients with Parkinson’s disease use Marijuana to relieve symptoms. The study aimed to understand how frequently patients of Parkinson’s disease use Marijuana, their experiences, and motivations. According to its summary review, the survey provides exciting insights with indications on the need for putting out …

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Does My Medical Marijuana Card Work In Other States?

Despite the federal government banning the use of cannabis, many states have their medical marijuana programs. These programs give qualified patients access to cannabis from state-authorized dispensaries once they get certified by a medical expert. But due to the constantly changing nature of cannabis laws, it is essential to keep yourself up to date with …

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