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Emerald Medical CenterDr. Robert Brueck, a medical marijuana doctor, founded Emerald Medical Center in 2017 after a personal transformation. For decades he had prescribed synthetic drugs for patients suffering from pain, emotional distress, and other diseases. He and his patients had the best intentions, but inevitably experienced mixed results from conventional drugs. He also had to frequently help patients with severe and damaging side effects of western synthetic medicine. During this time, more and more news about becoming a “medical marijuana doctor” appeared in the headlines. He was intrigued and began doing his own investigation and build Emerald Medical Center. The results of his diligent study of the safety and science of cannabis proved beyond any doubt that it was a safe and effective medicine and his views had to evolve.
Some of the facts Dr. Brueck discovered ...

The science is settled!

The US National Library of Health lists nearly 20,000 published studies on cannabis’ medicinal effects! When used responsibly, cannabis has incredible medicinal potential!

It can be incredible for pain relief!

systematic review of 18 randomized controlled trials for chronic pain found that 15/18 trials showed a significant analgesic effect of cannabinoids, compared to placebo. Conditions studied included neuropathic pain, “chronic pain”, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and central pain in multiple sclerosis. No serious adverse events were reported.

If you’re suffering with physical pain, traumatic emotional states or other debilitating conditions, cannabis or “medical marijuana” may be an effective solution.

It’s safe!

Cannabis has been in use as medicine for over 5,000 years. During that time not one single overdose death has been documented from Cannabis use–compared estimates of up to 100,000 per year from opiate use!

It’s amazing for sleep!

In our busy, high-stress world, sleep is a constant struggle for many. Dr. Brueck’s review of the science and first-hand conversations with patients showed him how incredible cannabis can be for patients seeking insomnia relief.

It’s simple and easy to find the right dose and products for your specific needs

Emerald Medical Center’s patients receive expert guidance and unlimited support on how to choose an Indica vs. Sativa product, how to safely “start low and go slow” to find ideal results, and what dispensaries offer those products. Check out our doctors or click below to book your appointment.

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