Medical Marijuana In The Work Place

There has been an unprecedented level of stress in the past two years, and with COVID forcing the majority of people to work from home in relative isolation, there has been a lot of pressure on working adults. Along with the rest of the stresses in life, COVID-19 has added to it, which has led to people feeling emotionally fatigued, depressed and anxious. Professionals working from home are no different, which is why the use of medical marijuana in work has become so prevalent. 

Working From Home Strain

Some people have had some success at being at home and working through the pandemic, which is great news. However, there are some who have struggled to adjust due to children being at home and balancing their jobs with home education. The adaptation to our new way of working has been too tough for those people to cope with, but instead of self-medicating with alcohol, people are using medical marijuana. The question is whether people using weed in work are having a positive or a negative impact on their performance and mental wellbeing. 

The anxiety levels of those working from home are increasing, with mental health surveys showing that almost 50% of working adults reported depression and anxiety symptoms. The problem is that it’s more likely that the pandemic isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and that means that if the use of medical marijuana in work is linked solely to that, there will be more of a chance of employers offering weed breaks. People are learning to cope in any way that they can and if weed in work while working at home is helping, choosing a progressive company to work for is the way to go.

Cannabis & Boosting Your Mood

Living in a state that has legalized cannabis can help with this. You could have medical marijuana in work breaks as a perk to rely on to keep your anxiety levels down. Of course, your business would not be providing you cannabis during the day, and they wouldn’t encourage it. However, if your company knows that most of the employees have been relying on weed to keep calm and stay focused at home, then it could become as real as smoking breaks at work. Instead of outlawing it, leveraging it as a perk or a way to ensure people remain comfortable would be a positive thing. They also wouldn’t offer employees the chance to smoke it at work. Edibles and tinctures would be the new normal. 

There are many Sativa strains out there that offer energy and mood boosting properties. This can help with remaining productive in the workplace. There is a chance that employers could see far fewer mental health days being used because they are already looking after the mental health of their employees with a change of policy to suit.
To learn more about the ways that weed can help you to stay positive at work, contacting the new Emerald Medical Center is the best thing that you can do for your continued improvement in your mental health.

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