Taking Back Your Sleep With Indica

You don’t need to rely on sleep medication or a boring movie if you have trouble sleeping. Instead, Indica strains of cannabis can help you take back your sleep.  

Risks of A Lack of Sleep 


The less sleep you have, the more stress you feel. This can cause irritability and impact personal and professional performance. 

Compromised Immune System

REM sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. But, those that suffer from sleep deprivation will not get this benefit, which leads to a lack of the protein cytokines, something essential for helping you sleep and fighting infections. 

Memory Issues

A lack of sleep leads to a foggy head that affects your memory, which could cause you to miss meetings, appointments, and deadlines. 

How To Take Back Your Sleep With Indica 

Indica is one of two strains of cannabis, with the other being Sativa. The THC within Indica gives you a body high rather than the euphoric feeling you get from Sativa. It’s this body high that relaxes you and is sometimes referred to as couch lock. 

People who experience both chronic and circumstantial insomnia will find that Indica strains put them at ease and help switch their brains off, which enables them to get to sleep easier. 

If you decide to use Indica as a sleeping aid, you must still make sure you take it as a suitable time to get at least eight hours of sleep. Otherwise, you risk waking up with a foggy head. 

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