Medical Marijuana & Pain Sensitivity

Chronic pain is something that many of us find ourselves dealing with on a day-to-day basis. In fact, according to the DCD, roughly one in five American adults suffers from chronic pain. It’s not all too surprising, then, that many of these people head to the pharmacy in search of painkillers. When people find that the options available over-the-counter aren’t sufficient, they may then consult their doctor in search of something more effective. In situations like this, they will often be prescribed strong, narcotic pain killers. Sure, this may help with the pain. But increased awareness is growing around the topic of opioid use and increased pain sensitivity, resulting in increasing numbers of people suffering from chronic pain looking for relief through more natural methods. One option you might have been taking into consideration is medical marijuana. According to various studies, medical marijuana can prove to be a great option for chronic pain without many of the side effects and health risks of opioids and other alternative solutions.

Medical Marijuana & Pain Sensitivity

One of the main problems with opioids used as long-term chronic pain relief is that they can actually increase pain sensitivity in the individual using them. A new study carried out by doctoral student Michelle St. Pierre in the psychology department at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Okanagan looked into long-term opioid use and its impact on patients’ perceived pain levels. The study used a control group of patients using opioids for pain management and contrasted this group with individuals using medical marijuana three times a week. St. Pierre notes that while opioid therapy can result in increased pain sensitivity, the same results are not found when using medical marijuana as a treatment instead. 

Medical Marijuana & Opioid Dependence

It’s also important to note that people using opioids to treat pain long-term can begin to grow dependent on opioid use. This, of course, is unhealthy – both physically and mentally. Medical marijuana poses a great alternative with less addictive qualities that can encourage people to wean themselves off opioid medication without having to suffer the consequences of the pain they were using the medication to relieve themselves from in the first place.

Trying Medical Marijuana

If you are experiencing chronic pain, but want to relieve yourself without having to worry about pain sensitivity or opioid dependence, medical marijuana could be the ultimate solution for you. Medical marijuana can also help with other qualifying conditions, such as depression and PTSD. Whatever your condition, book in for a consultation with a qualified health clinic that will be able to help. Here at Emerald Medical Center, we have a team of helpful professionals who are on hand to listen to your condition, queries, and concerns. We’ll be able to determine the best course of treatment for you as an individual and make personalized recommendations. For further information, feel free to visit our Facebook page here or get in touch on 239-309-1697. A friendly member of our team will be able to help you further!

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