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Alternatives To Smoking Medical Marijuana

If you are new to medical marijuana use, then you may be looking into the different ways to ingots it. If you are not used to smoking, it can be unpleasant. Luckily, there are other alternatives that you can do to help you protect your lungs. Emerald Medical Centers are available and happy to help you find the perfect fit for your use.


Medical marijuana is available in the edible form now. If you have respiratory issues, then this is a great and effective way for you to manage your symptoms. You should know that edibles take longer to start working, so start with a low dose and wait for it to take effect. The good news is that even though it may take longer to start working, it will keep working much longer than inhalation.


Cannabis concentrates are also made into oil form that can be ingested as well. They can be taken by putting a few drops in food or drinks, but they are also made into tablets that can be ingested. The time to effectiveness and duration time is similar to edibles.


You can also get cannabis-infused products that will deliver medical marijuana to your system. They may be in the form of a pain cream, soap, salve, or lotion that you rub onto your skin in order to apply for the pain relief. One benefit of topical marijuana products is that you can get the benefits without having any psychoactive side effects regardless of the levels or absence of THC in the cream.

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