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Florida To Cap THC In Medical Marijuana

Changes are in the works for Florida Medical Marijuana. The legislature is seeking to lower the THC cap on medical marijuana advances and cap THC in medical marijuana. The fear is that the state will have another opioid crisis on its hands because they believe people are using it to get rich and high.

Although the statistics don’t match up with the claim since opioids have killed tens of thousands of Floridians, while medical marijuana has yet to kill anyone.

The Bill

When it comes to where the Florida Medical Marijuana bill stands, so far every republican has voted in favor of it and every democrat has voted against it. To move forward, the bill still needs the approval of two more committees and the House floor. Those in favor of the bill argue that the high-potency of the drug will bring about unwanted consequences, such as psychosis.

Reasons it’s Being Disputed

One part of the bill is very controversial. It would limit the amount of THC in smokable cannabis products to only 10 percent of the plant by volume. Many find this to be an unreasonable request and difficult to do. Many also feel strongly that it’s a necessary medicine used for improving the health of Floridians and helping those in need.

Only time will tell where the future of medical marijuana in Florida stands and is heading.

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