Mental Health & Medical Marijuana

Mental Illness & Medical Marijuana

It is hard to say specifically what the impact of using medical marijuana has on mental illness. However, more and more states are making it legal to use, so there is definitely a clear need for the drug. There are some proven health benefits of using medical marijuana to treat things from seizures to glaucoma, as well as helping people deal with chronic pain. But what impact does it have on mental illness, and can it be something that will be of benefit?


Getting it right

As with any medication, the success of using medical marijuana for mental illness will be completely dependent on what mental illness it is used for, and the circumstances that surround the use. You need to make sure that you get the right kind of dosage for an individual, and think about the best way to ingest the medical marijuana, as well as what it is meant to be treating. 


The future of medical marijuana on mental illness

No matter how you source the medical marijuana, it will have some variables that will need to be assessed and monitored, depending on the needs of the mental illness patient. There isn’t a whole host of research on this, as it is something that is a relatively new area. However, there is a lot of progress that is being made and showing just how much this can help people deal with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more. As a result, it will be great to see the impact that this research will have in the future to help mental illness patients in an even more impactful way. 


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