Medical Marijuana Edibles

Guide To Medical Cannabis Edibles

Medical cannabis edibles are affordable, accessible, and easy to take for many. They are popular among patients that want to have control over their own symptoms. 

Here are some of the most common questions about medical cannabis edibles

Do edibles smell like marijuana?

Marijuana does have a very distinct smell, and you might wonder if your cannabis edibles will have a scent. The only scent they will have is the flavor on the description. In most cases, gummies and other candies will smell like regular gummies and candies. However, you will still feel the effects of cannabis within 15-20 minutes. 

How long does medical cannabis take to work?

Edibles usually don’t work immediately, and this is why some people take more than they need to. When smoking or vaping cannabis, you will feel the effects quickly. Cannabis edibles need to be processed by your system and take a little longer to work. The time delay is because your body needs to digest and metabolize the cannabis. 

Are there different strengths of cannabis edibles? 

Cannabis edibles are available in a range of potencies. The maximum strength that in some states will be 30% THC, however in others, you can find the potency of up to 45% in areas where cannabis is legalized for recreational use. The best course of action is to start slowly and wait. 

Can you eat too many medical cannabis edibles?

There are no reports of overdose when it comes to consuming medical cannabis. However, there are some unpleasant effects when your dosage is too high and out of your comfort range. It is very important that you wait for medical cannabis edibles to work for at least 45 minutes before taking more. 

Can you get CBD edibles without the THC?

You can have CBD edibles that have a trace amount of THC. CBD edibles are typically used as they cannot get you high. They are often used for patients who have inflammation and pain

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