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Is Medical Marijuana Safe?

If you’re asking yourself, “Is medical marijuana safe?” the following article will be helpful.

Decisions, decisions…we’re always making decisions. Do we turn left or right? Do we accept the risks as we understand them and take action? Or do we stay in our comfort zones and do as we’re told?

When it comes to utilizing medical cannabis, we face a similar decision–especially now with the vaping scare.

Speaking of which, while we appreciate anyone’s concerns about vaping medical cannabis, there are many options that don’t require vaping. During your visit with one of our medical marijuana doctors in Naples or Fort Myers, we will discuss these options at length.

If you’re evaluating your options, I urge you to ask yourself this question:

When will we we look at the tragic rates of abuse, addiction, and injury (even death) that come from synthetic drugs and decide we need to make a change?

What will shift us?

What will shift you?

Medical Marijuana vs. Synthetic Drugs

As you’ve likely already seen there is tremendous evidence supporting the responsible use of cannabis for pain, PTSD, cancer, and many other conditions.

As you’re also likely seen, synthetic drugs have incredibly hazardous side effects–especially on mental health.

So prevalent that the side effects listed at the end of commercials have become a comical part of our culture.

As tragic as these effects are, the below video is a funny look at the harsh reality of “Big Pharma” drugs and cannabis’ potential as a natural alternative.

If you’re ready to explore the potential of cannabis to help, please call our Naples or Fort Myers office. Our educators are always ready to discuss a treatment plan with you. If you’re seeking relief from anxiety, pain, cancer treatment symptoms, or other issues, we can create a treatment plan that may provide significant relief.

For most people, this begins with indica oil at night to assist with sleep. Once your sleep is restored, countless body functions come into better alignment. We also recommend CBD during the day for it’s ability to provide a sense of calm, focus, and relaxation while maintaining an active “sober” mindset.

For many patients–especially those seeking to become “healed not high”–that one-two punch is enough to provide a significant positive change in their quality of life.

For others who need relief during the day for pain or mental health, sativa strain products are the recommended choice.

So, if you’re asking “Is medical marijuana safe?” the answer may surprise you.

Call today to discuss your options, or click here to book your visit now. Thank you.

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