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Responding to Stress with “The Emerald Difference”

The emotional stability, safety, and security we seek begins within. Unfortunately, the world has a way of getting through and knocking us out of balance. So, how do we reset, realign, and restore our sanity after stress?

Studies from around the world have proven that your endocannabinoid is to thank. Not familiar with that yet? Now is the time to discover the truth!

Here are the facts: when your body wants to relax, relieve pain, and switch from fight or flight mode to rest and digest mode, it releases internal compounds called endocannabinoids.

These internal compounds are nearly identical to CBD and THC. When they touch the cannabinoid “receptors” located on your cells, amazing things happen. Millions around the world–and now over 300,000 in Florida alone–are finding amazing results for pain relief, anxiety relief, sleep and a long list of other ailments by restoring their endocannabinoid system with external cannabinoids like CBD and THC.

If you’re feeling out of emotional or physical balance, our Florida medical marijuana doctors regularly recommend a protocol that combines meditation, a clean diet, physical exercise, and the responsible use of cannabis aka medical marijuana.

Our precise and easy to follow recommendations for the daily use of CBD and THC are “The Emerald Difference.” If you didn’t know, CBD is an incredible anxiety reliever and can neutralize the “high” of THC.


If you’re in Naples, Bonita Springs, or Fort Myers Florida and seeking your medical marijuana card for relief that’s been hard to find from synthetic drugs, anti-depressants, opiates, or other drugs, now is the time to give medical cannabis a chance to restore your body’s natural healing system.

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