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Why Cannabis?

Why Cannabis?

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Imagine a world without the tragic overdoses, addiction, and side effects of synthetic drugs. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of families who would still be together, the good people who never had to waste time in a rehab facilities, the communities that would still be living in peace and harmony without the scourge of opiates and other synthetic drugs.

As medical professionals, it’s our job to help the hurting, and keep healthy people healthy. To do that, we have to make difficult decisions about the pros and cons of our medical advice. Whenever I write a prescription, I have to ask myself: do the pros outweigh the cons? Is this likely to “do no harm” as my Hippocratic Oath has sworn me to do?

Sadly I cannot say that about most synthetic drugs. They’re dangerous, I know it, and so do you—despite the brilliant psychological manipulation we constantly face from big pharma’s marketing teams. Big pharma advertising and corrupt influence in medicine has made us believe that we only have two risk-laden alternatives: surgery or drugs.  

With annual deaths due to medical errors running in the hundreds of thousands per year, and surgical complications causing a tragically high number of people greater pain, we know surgery to be far from perfect.

What if there was a better way?

medical marijuana, naples, ft myers, doctor, cardI came to cannabis late in life. I never touched the stuff as a youth or while I was working my way through medical school. It was illegal, and for good reason I thought.

But after I took a hard look in the mirror, and at the scientific literature, I’ve found irrefutable proof that cannabis can be a miraculous solution to nearly countless conditions.

Surely, it can be, and is, abused by people seeking to escape a painful life. This is not good, and we must remain vigilant to ensure that cannabis is used responsibly, with a doctor’s care.

Despite the fear mongering, I’m grateful to have helped over a thousand people get incredible results. I’ve seen patients suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, gut health, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, and many other conditions regain their physical, emotional, and dare I say spiritual lives.

Wondering why cannabis works?

The reason cannabis is so effective is because the compounds within it, called “cannabinoids,” are nearly identical to an array of amazing, naturally-occurring compounds in the human body called “endo-cannabinoids” (“endo” means internal).

When these naturally-occurring compounds touch the receptors sites of our endocannabinoid system, they control control pain, mood, immune function, and so much more. The “runners high” we feel after exercise? It’s actually not endorphins, it’s endocannabinoids. The reason that babies relax and become “milk drunk” after feeding? Again, endocannabinoids–breast milk is highly concentrated with them!

They even are critical for the body’s ability to deactivate from “fight or flight mode” and return to balance aka “homeostasis” after being stressed physically or emotionally.

So if we have these incredible compounds within us already, why do we struggle with pain, anxiety, sleep, etc? Unfortunately it’s because we run out of them! When our bodies are depleted to the point of becoming deficient in endocannabinoids, our body’s lose the ability to deactivate from “fight or flight” mode after stress, regulate pain, and return to balance.

This deficiency happens for a variety of natural and environmentally-caused reasons. Toxic chemical exposure disrupts endocannabinoid function, as does alcohol, and with the passing of time, natural production decreases.

Enter Captain Cannabis!

Thankfully we can utilize the incredible cannabis plant to access compounds that are nearly identical to those already found within our bodies! How amazing is that?! I believe God and Mother Nature gave us this plant, and just like free will, it must be used carefully–but it sure can help. It also doesn’t matter if you “believe” or not, in my experience, cannabis works!

As mentioned above, the “cannabinoids” present in the cannabis plant, like CBD and THC, are nearly identical to endocannabinoids present in the human body. To be precise: CBD is almost identical to an endocannabinoid called 2-AG and THC is almost identical to one called Anandamide. Fun fact: Anada is the sanskrit word for bliss! I’d like more of that!

When cannabinoids like CBD and THC are reintroduced, they are absorbed like the naturally-occurring compounds of 2-AG and Anandamide and produce similar effects! And since these pain, anxiety, sleep results don’t come from a synthetic “trick”, they don’t have the crippling and life-threatening side effects of big pharma. Incredible!

How do we make use of this miraculous plant?

Thankfully, we have legal access to cannabis here in Florida and it’s relatively easy process for people with qualifying conditions–of which there are many! Once you have your Florida medical marijuana card, you can goto any dispensary and purchase your products of choice.

Dosage and product are also quite simple and we make sure our patients get a full breakdown during their visits. Here’s a simplified version: “Sativa” strains are the more stimulating, good for people seeking relief during the day. And “Indica” strains, good for people seeking relief in the evenings, are better for sleep. Many people are concerned about dosage, again this is an easy fix. I recommend most patients start with a low dose of 5mg or less via tincture, and wait 30-60 minutes to see how they feel.

For vaping, start with a small puff of 1-2 seconds and wait 5-10 minutes.

If you need more, take a little more. If you feel good, stay there. Just make sure you go “low and slow” as you find your dose.

Maybe that seems like an oversimplification, but for most of our patients that’s about all they need to know! Life is good when you’re working with Mother Nature’s medicine!

If you’re hurting emotionally or physically, we want to help. And for most people we really can. I can’t guarantee results, but medical cannabis is worth a shot. Sign up below on our secure server today, and experience the Emerald Difference, or if you have any concerns, please give us a call. Our Naples phone number is (239) 202-0772, our Fort Myers number is (239) 202-0606.

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 With Love,

Dr. Bob Brueck

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